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Travel solo and love it!

Planning a vacation on your own? Use these lessons from Lea Lane, author of Solo Traveler: Tales and Tips for Great Trips (Random House, 2005) for a safe, memorable adventure.

AVOID THE SINGLE SUPPLEMENT. Many tour groups charge extra for solo travelers to have their own rooms. To avoid the fee, ask to be paired with another person. If the outfitter doesn't have a match, often they won't charge extra.

STAY IN THE CITY CENTER. If you're not familiar with the city you're traveling to, pick a hotel near your planned sightseeing stops. You won't have to travel as far after dark if you stay out late, and you'll save time and money on transportation.

BE CONFIDENT. You may have no idea where you are, but don't make yourself an easy target for thieves and con artists by appearing distracted or confused. Ask direct, clear questions, and keep your shoulders back and chin up.

BRING ONE LARGE BACKPACK OR A ROLLING SUITCASE. It's easier to stow and lug up and down stairs by yourself

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