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Now Is The Time To Get Good Vacation Deal

I know this may seem a bit contradictory but because of these issues, many people who rent out homes as vacation homes are working great deals. You can easily bring down the price of renting a vacation home by more than 50% which is more than enough to make up for other travel costs.

A friend of mine worked a deal where a house was originally renting for $2,000 for the week in a vacation area along the coast; he was able to get the person down to $700. The best part was how very little negotiating he had to do.

Why? Because had the person renting the house not worked with my friend the house would have been vacant and they would have made nothing. $700 sounds a lot better than zero in the rental business. Sure you will get property owners that will not budge on their price. Chances are these are the homes that might be right on the beach or right on the side of the mountain. That is ok. Remember you a trying to go on vacation and get a great deal, so by pass these people and look for the ones that are interested in working with you.

A good place to start is rental and real estate agencies in the area that you want to visit. They know the ins and outs of what people have to offer. A lot of times you can negotiate directly with them since they are probably managing the property for the owners. Don't be fooled by them when you ask them if they are willing to take a discount and they answer, "No, most owners are not taking discounts right now because the area is renting out well."

They will tell you that because they want to make the full price. Their commission is based on the amount of rent they get, not what they should be getting. The best response you can give them is to leave your contact information and a price you are willing to pay to rent the home you are interested in. Ask them to forward your information and offer to the owner to see if they will take it.

In many areas of the country they are required by law to submit any and all offers, so chances are they will. As a precaution I would find out who the owner of the property is which you can do through tax records in the town, wait a week and send a letter directly to the owner with your offer. If they did not receive your offer from their manager and liked your offer, the property owner will invariably be upset with the property manager, something the property manager does not want because they need the business.

Obviously the task here is not to create problems or a riff between people, but if you want to save some money, you have to do what you have to do.

You also want to take the time to look on the Internet. There are dozens of great websites out there where people list their homes for rent. You can contact the home owners directly which is better because they are the ones who will make the final decision.

A small tip to getting a good deal is if you could care less of the kind of house that you want, but know when and where you want to go, waiting for last minute deals could be for you. Find a home that has been vacant for a few weeks in the area you are traveling to and the home owner will practically rent the home for free. As a property owner myself nothing bothers me more than having my house sit there with no one in it.

There are great deals out there waiting for you to go get. You know you want to go on vacation with the family you just need to find something affordable. Now is the time to make the best rental house affordable, you just need to go and do it.

About the Author: Bruce A Tucker
Mr. Tucker is the senior editor for Vacation Nation, an online vacation resource where you can learn about various destinations and travel tips.

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